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Section 1 of 2 - Demographics

This paragarpah is where you explain the purpose of the questions in this particular section.On this page we see questions of type "text", "checkbox" and "radio". You'll see a "Next" button at the bottom of this section which has an auto-generated javascript action to hide this section and display the next. label-for attributes are used so you can click an answer's text to select its element.

Q. Name

Q. Age group


Q. Gadgets you own

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Section 2 of 2 - Online Access

In this section we have types "select" and "textarea", as this is the last section of two we have a "Previous" button to return to the first page and a "Finish" button which is the final submit action for the form. Unique values are generated for id's of each radio and checkbox type so that the label-for actions don't collide where two questions may share an answer. Clicking a "Next" or "Previous" button simply hides and show's div's so the values you enter on a section arent lost as you navigate about.

Q. How long have you been using the Internet

Q. General comments